Jan 29, 2015

New year - New adventures

New year - 
New adventures

A new year lays a head of us. We can't predict what will happen. As always there will be surprises, challenges and adventures.

Click below if you want to read more about what we were up to and what are our plans for the first months of 2015.



We are really blessed this year with the winter weather.There is mainly sun during the day. Which is really good for our souls.

In the night and mornings
there was lot of times frost. 
Together it creates a beautiful landscape.

Something that quickly can be forgotten when the sun warms your skin, is that there should be once in a while rain as well.
It hasn't been raining much in the last months.
The lands needs it to fill up the water reserves for the summer. And we humans need rainy days to rest, to recharge our batteries for the year ahead.

It might sound strange but it is hard sometimes to have the discipline to take a resting day. Specially when the weather is so perfect and you see work all around you.



We danced into 2015 until late in the night with friends at our neighbours Matt&Colette.

Next day we received a spontaneous visit of Willi and his dog Lupa in a russian motorcycle.
Together we had a nice time listening to funny stories.

If you also want to visit us, please use the CONTACT FORM on the right side of the page.

Tom from Northern Ireland stayed with us from New years eve until the end of January.
Like some other people, Tom is part of the Mount of Oaks community, even though he doesn' t live here permanently.
As he did at his last visit, this time again he worked on the trench system to protect our road from being damaged by heavy rain. GREAT JOB! 

Thanks for your help, presence and the love you give to this place.

Trees, Animals & Co.

Our main project in the moment is taking care of the trees who were planted some years ago. 

We will give them some attention by pruning them, weeding the ground, fertilizing and mulching them.

Beside the trees, our animals need a lot of love and attention too.

Together with Tom we made a new fence for Xico's terrace. Here he can be completely free and we don't have to worry that something will be accidentally damaged.

As Emma would say: "Good fences make good neighbours". We continued to put fences along the border to our neighbours and made a gate at the entrance of the land.
We hope this prevents Xico from going to Tia Adelina's garden to eat her tasty water melons in summer.

The relationship to our neighbours is really important to us. That's why we took it serious when one of the shepherd informed us that Tali and Goofy were playing with the sheep and they were not happy about it.

Now our teenagers have to go to behaviour school and we train every day with them following commands.

They do very well. Goofy is not as fast as his sister but he learns more and more from day to day. And they both give us so much joy.

Simba got sick the other day. Didn't wanted to eat or drink anymore.

After 3 days at the vet she gained strength and got diagnosed kidney deficiency.
Now she eats really well her special diet cat food and we hope that she will fully recover.
Thanks to a donation it was possible to afford a good treatment.

Spring will come

Marcia sheet mulching the couch grass around the herb spiral
As we focus at the moment at giving special attention to animals, trees and fences, pretty soon we will prepare the garden for the spring, to get the plants established before the summer sun gets too hot.

We also plan an event at Mount of Oaks about medicinal herbs in the middle of April.

But more about this in the next post.

We wish you the best for 2015.
May your wishes and dreams
become true.

Much Love



Anonymous said...

Marcia, Eric. Thank you for sharing this. Thinking of you and feeling with you with love and joy in my heart.

Unknown said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the update - it is a joy and a blessing to see how you are looking after the land. We miss and love you from afar. As always, emma xx

Baba said...

I´m somehow very emotional... WELL DONE YOU... I´m so glad we are sharing life together in this beautiful place.. THANK YOU MARCIA AND ERIC.
I truly love you.