Aug 25, 2016

Natural Building Workshop - educational and LOTS of FUN!

We hosted a second Natural Building Workshop from 16-24th June 2016. This workshop was taught in Portuguese and included 2 teenagers!!! It might be quite difficult to transmit in this blog update JUST HOW WONDERFUL the last experience was for all involved, but at least we can try!!!  Here goes.....!! Posted below are some images of the super duper people, projects, learning and fun that was had by all! 

Many thanks go to the participants, Barbara for teaching and the volunteers, Kathleen and Manuel who helped make it possible.

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Jun 9, 2016

Welcome Changes on the Land!

Since the last post, our biggest, bestest news is that Marcia and Eric's son was born Saturday 28th May. They named him Samuel. He is healthy and growing fast! 

Recently we have welcomed all sorts of changes - in the weather - finally we are experiencing Summer heat. Other changes include transformations inside the common space, and in the garden too, plus the goings and comings of friends and family.


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May 21, 2016

Rain gives way to Blue Skies....


    The rain finally stopped - we all wondered if someone had left a tap open just over Portugal for the last months?! Now we are enjoying the late Spring sunshine and warmth. Shorts, t-shits and hats replace woolen jumpers and welly boots we were wearing only 2 weeks ago. 

Despite the weather conditions much has been happening in terms of building and hosting volunteers, friends and family, CHANGE is AFOOT!
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Apr 29, 2016



Sunday 24th April we had our 2nd Open Day of the year - this time the theme was 'Local Economy'

The day was a huge success - the sun was shining and the people were shining too. 

We had nearly 100 people turn up from 11 different countries and take part in a local economy exchange at the Mount of Oaks.

People were buying or swapping local produce, contributing ideas and knowledge in a facilitated discussion on local economy, sharing contacts for further actions AND having lots of fun, especially the kids! 

Apr 15, 2016

April Showers

As this blog is being written it is raining outside. In the last days we have had thunder, lightening and HAIL storms! In English there is the phrase, 'it's raining cats and dogs.' In Portugal the equivalent is 'está a chover a potes' - meaning 'it's raining pots' - certainly the rain is FILLING POTS!!  Crazy weather indeed! 

The last weeks have been beautifully full of folk coming to visit the land - participants on the natural building course, volunteers, Marcia's mum, and dear friends......we also have been busy in the garden and have 4 new chicks to show you!!!

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Apr 13, 2016

Dia Aberto / Open Day: Economia Local

O tema deste Dia Aberto será Economia Local.
Queremos convidar todos aqueles que estão interessados em desenvolver a economia local a visitar-nos, a ver exemplos do que se faz aqui na nossa região e a partilhar ideias para o futuro. Além do programa teremos uma feirinha com produtos locais e artesanato, e actividades para crianças.

12h Almoço vegetariano
14h - 14h30 Visita guiada
15h - 15h40 Conversa sobre Economia Local (pequena introdução teórica e partilha de exemplos)
16h - 16h40 Ideias em acção (divisão em grupos para gerar planos de acção)
17h - 18h Danças Europeias
18h Despedidas

Informações e inscrições até dia 21 de Abril através do email:

Valor de troca: 2 euros ou 5 euros com almoço vegetariano

This Open Day we want to talk about Local Economy!
We invite people to visit us, get to know about different initiatives happening in the area and share ideas for the future. Besides the programme we'll have a little market with local products and activities for children.

12 noon Vegetarian Lunch
2pm - 2:30pm Guided Tour
3pm - 3:40pm Talk about Local Economy
4pm - 4:40pm Ideas in Action
5pm - 6pm European Dances

Info + Registrations until 21st of April:

Exchange value: 2 euros or 5 euros with vegetarian lunch

Apr 6, 2016

Curso de Introdução à Construção Natural



  18-24 de Junho 2016

 Uma experiência de 9 dias de teoria e prática de trabalho com materiais naturais - uma oficina de introdução para pessoas que querem aprender fazendo...

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