Feb 24, 2014

Here we are!

Hello dear Mount of Oaks friends, visitors, supporters and curious people! My name is Márcia Luz and I am living here now. I have been involved in the Mount of Oaks project since the beginning, as I am Bárbara's friend. I had visited the land a couple of times before I decided to move here in 2008. I lived here for 9 months before traveling to Mexico. Since then I traveled in Latin America, North America and Europe. I have been involved in social and environmental projects but I had the desire to live again in community and not just with other people. Coming back to Mount of Oaks was in a way easy, as I know the place and the lovely people, but in other ways it feels like a new adventure.

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Feb 6, 2014

Seasons change...All change!

Since the last post in JULY?! lots of change has made us grow, grieve, laugh, dance and be grateful....



Some changes we have been really excited about, others were difficult to handle. 


This is life, isn't it? Periods of highs, lows and something in between....our mission if you can call it is to remain faithful to the gentle steps of daily life - caring for ourselves, those around us, the animals, plants and trees.


We are looking at 2014 with optimism and open arms - especially as we have grown from 2 'two-leggeds' living at the Mount of Oaks to 4! WELCOME Marcia and Eric!


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