Mar 24, 2014

Spring Silent re-Treats



Invitation to all NATURE LOVERS

Want to come and experience communal silence with us?


We are opening the Mount of Oaks for special retreats into silence and simplicity this Spring.



16-20th April


14-18th May


18-22nd June



 For more details about the first of our retreats see below.....

Mar 20, 2014

Spring Clean

What is it about this time of year that has us itching to clean? To get all out of the cupboards and sort things out? To weed and clear paths, prepare ground for seeds? Perhaps it's the lengthening of days, the delightful bird song and smell of fruit trees in flower that awakens us I suppose.....

......on the Spring Equinox enjoy this picture packed post on the events of the life at the Mount of Oaks and beyond in the last few weeks.