One of our goals at Mount of Oaks is to share knowledge that will allow people, communities and organisations to live more in balance with Nature and with each other. We organise workshops, courses and create opportunities for that to happen.

Open Days 2016:

If you would like the chance to come and visit us, see what we are up to, enjoy delicious food, have a tour of the project and take part in some peer to peer information exchange - then come along to one of our open days....children welcome and booking is essential so we can cater for all.

 NEXT OPEN DAY - coming up we have our Autumn event
  •  Sunday 2nd October 

Earlier in the year......
  • 20th March - Opening the Season


  •  24th April - Local Economy  



Practical Natural Building Workshops for 2016 :

  • 19th - 27th March 
  • 16th - 24th June  19th - 27th March


Our 'courses' are practical in nature - there is a mixture of theory, handouts and lots of opportunities to get your hands dirty. Barbara is a wonderful teacher and makes the experience really worthwhile.

Silent Retreats 2016:
  • 18 - 22nd June 
  • 22- 25th September

These retreats are designed for those who need to take some time out to be with themselves in the midst of nature. There are times and seasons when the only way to engage fully in life is to leave your day to day reality, to hear your inner voice, to heal yourself, and regain your balance.If you are interested in either of these gently guided retreats - get in touch with emma at the Mount of Oaks for more details.

 Permaculture Design Courses
2014 - with Sílvia Floresta, Orlando Pereira,Yassine Benderra and Joana Costa
2011 - with Lesley Martin
2010 - with Lesley Martin
2009 - with Lesley Martin


Straw bale Building Workshop
2010 - with Lesley Martin


Prayer and Service Weeks

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