Apr 19, 2014

Spring Time

Preparing the land

Spring is here with all it´s beauty. Birds are singing their wonderful tunes. Days are getting longer. Plants and trees are growing, flowers of different colours and smells are everywhere.

It´s also the time to get plants in the ground so they will be well established before the intensive summer sun comes. 

Some of the tasks in the last weeks were to prepare the ground, sowing seeds and planting seedlings, building a hügelkultur bed and setting up the irrigation system.

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Apr 1, 2014

Caring for Trees

One of our goals is to care for the Land, and taking care of Trees is part of this big task. Last week the weather allowed us to prune our fruit and olive trees. Barbara explained us some general rules and we watched her in action but as each tree is different only practice can really train us in the art of pruning. We started by training with Oaks and Ash and then moved on to the Pears, Apricots, Apples, Olives and finally Orange trees.


Pruning Trees is good for them and gives us loads of organic material for the garden, huegelkultur beds and poles for the fences.

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