Feb 10, 2017



Here are the dates for this year :

29 April - 6 May 
17 -24 June
26 August - 2 September

If you are interested, please send your name and e.mail to cpcn.moo2017@gmail.com

From only 450€, dont miss out this amazing experience !!! 

This blog is in english, but the workshops are in english and portuguese with guiding booklets in both languages.

As images sometimes speak more than many words, start by getting a glimpse with this short video and see if it´s the kind of thing you are looking for :-) ...then click "read more" for all the info.Thanks!

The Practical Natural Building Workshop at the Mount of Oaks is a 8 day experience of 'learning by doing'.

The workshop is designed as an introduction to Natural Building. Participants get the chance to learn and experiment with MANY different techniques as the course content is beautifully varied.

There is a progression in the teaching and practical methods that allows participants to grow in confidence as the course continues. This course is designed with the 'non-professional' builder in mind and is aimed as an introduction course.

Come and learn about:

* Foundations with Gravel bags (“Superadobe” technique)

*French Drainage

* Strawbale walls

* “Adobe” bricks and “Light Earth” slabs

* "Wattle and Daub" walls

* “Cob” with glass bottles and “Cordwood”

* Earth and Lime Plasters

* Lime-wash painting with Natural Pigments

This Course will be facilitated by Barbara Leite, pioneer in this small community at the Mount of Oaks since 2006, with 9 years experience in Permaculture Design and Natural Building... with all the mistakes and successes that go with starting from scratch :-)


The Course will have a daily chunk of theory and introduction to all these different techniques and use of local and natural materials, but mostly it will be practical to really get a feel for each material and technique.

Each participant is welcome to share their own experience since Natural Building is as diverse and flexible as each human being and culture is.

Also there is no need of any previous experience as a builder, or engineer or architect. ( if you do have previous experience and just want to get a feel for different materials, please come with patience because there might be others who don´t ).

If you have what is takes, you will be able to come out of it encouraged to design and build your own small house :-) .

 Let´s play with the natural elements and learn with them :-)

We expect to learn with each other and have an unique experience of life in community during these 8 days. 

We eat together and often in the evenings we sit around the fire telling stories or singing songs!

We will be working on several buildings on the site so that our experience can be as diverse as possible. 

We may even improvise things that were not part of the program... like showing the basic technique of a reciprocal roof :-)


Very simple !Fill out this Form and send us back

to cpcn.moo2017@gmail.com
  We will ask a registration fee to confirm your place.

We will be limited to 12 participants so that everyone can take the best out of it. The quality of the teaching is very important for us.


- One "free" Course ( at 160€ to cover the costs of food and the Catering team)

- 4 places with an"early bird" price of only 450€

- The remain 7 places for 500€ 

( There can be better deals for groups, please get in touch )


* The vast and diverse learning experience for all the 8 days.

* A handmade Manual in english or portuguese on pdf versions.

* Nice breakfasts and 2 yummy vegetarian meals a day,  and nice coffee and tea breaks
* Free Camping space (tents, motor-homes - not too long ones, tipis, etc) and use of all our facilities.

*Pick-ups at the local train station of Alpedrinha



* Rental Tent : 10€ / day

* "Sparrow´s nest"(Strawbale guest-room) : 25€/day


It´s good to be clear about this things. So, your investment, apart from benefiting you, it will help to cover the costs with :

* Administration, planning and advertising throughout the year

* Delicious, local, seasonal and organic food

* The amazing Catering team at the Mount of Oaks

* The Maintenance team at the Mount of Oaks

* The teacher and developer of this course

* The development and maintenance of the Mount of Oaks Community.

These workshops and other events throughout the year at the Mount of Oaks are what keeps this community going. It helps supporting the 2 couples and the baby who live here and work full time at this place. We are aiming for the sustainability of this place.
So, THANK YOU, for believing and investing in this kind of projects.


* tent or whatever housing you choose :-). If you do want to rent accomodation, mention that on the registration form

*Sleeping bag and mat to sleep on. We can provide that with the rental tent too.

* a flashlight (head-lamps are very useful)

* Notebook (paper one) is a good idea, or A4 sheets of paper, plus, pencil and colour pens, in case you want to add your own comment to the Manual provided. (sorry for the old fashioned way :-)...it´s still fun!!! )

* towel and daily care stuff. We request you bring only natural products.We do have natural soaps made by us, toothpaste and maybe other things to sell. Ask us what you need on the registration form.

* Working clothes, a hat and gloves

* Swimming gear if you want to swim in our small lake.

* If you play any instrument, do bring it for the evening chill out

* We have a 12v solar panel system, so if you bring one of those car chargers it´s much easier

* Joy, Love, Open heart, smiles, your own experience, etc...


* Camping Area

* Compost toilets

* Spring Water

* Bathroom with hot shower (sun dependent or fire), and a bathtub warmed by fire :-)...

* A small lake to swim and a paddling pool to refresh in hot days

* Silent and contemplation spaces

* Fireplaces and wood for the evenings.

* Our lovely animals entertainment - chickens, 5 cats and 2 friendly dogs.

For further information and to register get in touch via cpcn.moo2017@gmail.com

For DIRECTIONS and WEATHER details check the links on the sidebar when you are considering what clothes to pack!!

Please feel free to share this post with people who might be interested. THANKS !!!

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bloggada said...

after much seeking , i chose this workshop because it seemed to be the most complete and best organized of all, and i wasn't wrong!
It was one of the best experiencies I had: it was highly practical and useful in a beautiful place with friendly and cool people and wonderful food.
I enjoyed every moment of it even though it can be tough work at times.
Bárbara 's knowledge is remarkable and her experience gives you a real view of what to expect when building your own place.
In the end I left Monte dos Carvalhos with the feeling I had really learned how to build a house and there was no doubt that I could do it.
Grateful for your sharing and friendship and wishing you great joy and success in all your work!