Nov 14, 2014

Permaculture Convergence

We were really blessed to have been part of the first Permaculture Convergence in Portugal   from 24-26th October - in Fundao, just on our doorstep.

photo by Camara Municipal do Fundao

We had the privilege of being part of the helper team. For 3 days Fundao was filled with people passionate about Earth Care, People Care and Fair/Just Sharing. More than 300 people participated - and for all involved the weekend was definitely a success. 

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Bárbara and Emma welcoming the participants along with Camila and Manuel from the organising team.

Besides having a little stall, we hosted a tour through the land for more than 20 people (the limit was 15 because of logistical reasons but people kept asking if they could come :)

We could welcome them and show them some of the structures and projects we have going on here.

Really nice to show some examples of natural building like our Dog House made with earth bags.....

And also the latest improvements like the compost heated shower in the bath house

Visitors checking out the kitchen garden with companion planting and herb spiral

Also the kids had a bunch of activities and could enjoy the fabulous weather - even though it was the end of October!

Photo by Camara Municipal do Fundao

During this 3 days we had a great program with interesting lectures, talks, workshops and opportunities to share ideas in an "open space". There was a session of time given to the sharing about different types of community - we were one of the contributors. Marcia did a great job!

On the last day we had the opportunity to participate in a 'swap' fair and in several practical workshops. 

People could learn more about making soap from Elisbeth

learning to make nests for honey bees

collecting and preserving seeds

beautiful handmade toys from a local craftsman A. Supico

sharing seeds

This wonderful weekend ended with a celebration of European dances in partnership with the Senior University in Fundao! 

Photo by  Camara Municipal do Fundao

All in all the Convergence was JUST GREAT! For us as the Mount of Oaks we had the opportunity to get to know many more like minded people here in Portugal - and especially here in our region. We discovered many more opportunities to cooperate with other projects/people. It was also great step in the development of Permaculture in Portugal. 

A big thanks to everyone that made this weekend unforgetable and Fundao's city hall for all the support. But none of this would have happen if it wasn't for Margarida, Nuno and Manuel's organization. Thank you for your servant hearts!!!! It was really fun to work together.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

With the Convergence over - our main focus now and for the coming week or so is the harvesting of olives. We hope that the weather will be kind to us!!  

much love and peace,

marcia, eric, barbara and emma


Paul and Martine said...

great pictures and comments. We couldn´t be there but we hear a lot about it.

Paul and Martine said...

great pictures and comments. We couldn´t be there but we hear a lot about it.

Baba said...

we missed you there Paul and Martine...specially the drumming sessions at nights :-)

Unknown said...

Looks amaaaazing. Very jealous! Hope to return someday before too long... Ed C and co in Leeds

Jeannette/Divine Quinta said...

It was so great just to be part of that energy and spend time with you guys, just a reminder to self that we have to take the time to be with like minded souls..biggest hugs and love xxxx