Jul 12, 2014

Spring and Early Summer

Spring and early Summer are some of the most active seasons for us at the Mount of Oaks. It is time to harvest winter crops, herbs and flowers, create new beds in the garden, sow and plant, care and water, build, receive guests and friends. Have a look on what we have been doing the last weeks and stick to the end. I guess you will like to see our new presentation video made by Kevin McDonald during his 4 weeks visit.

 We have harvested the Oats we planted in Autumn. Xico - the donkey- was happy to eat the leftovers and will enjoy the oats in the end of the Summer or in the Winter rainy days

Here Emma using the streamer to cut the oats.If we repeat next year we will prefer to buy at least 4 good sharpen scythes. One for each  :-)

 Emma and Kevin collecting canas for our natural building projects

We have a new member in the Mount of Oaks family - a baby chick. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to show you. You have to come and visit to see it!

We had the lovely visit of Maria and John from Dresden. They brought us joy, music and good mood. Maria had a little accident, where she twisted her ankle. John used the wheelbarrow to help her move around. Thank you for the help. We wish you happy travels!

Maria und Márcia preparing herbs for drying

Some of the herbs and flowers we have dried for teas, natural cosmetics and herbal remedies

Cherries and produce from the garden. The big "white onion" you see on the picture is not an onion, it's elephant garlic. Imagine a huge garlic clove with a mild flavor. Tasty!

We (Márcia and Eric) made our first olive oil soap! This time with Calendula petals and sweet orange essential oil.

New beds in the garden

Before we (Márcia and Eric) have left to Germany, we did some community work in our personal space. Bárbara helped us reinforce the roof structure above the caravan. And with the help of John, we all made a broom roof on top of the van. The broom roof was made in one day! Amazing what we can do when we work together :-)

And now, we would like to share with you the new presentation video made by Kevin McDonald. We are really grateful for Kevin's help. And we are looking forward to hear your opinions and thoughts about it. Feel free to share it with friends that don't know Mount of Oaks yet. The idea is to spread the word!

Mount of Oaks from Eric Conrath on Vimeo.


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thank you Marcia and Eric for this update!

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Good work