Apr 1, 2013

between the showers and light

seedling dome at sunrise

We have had a deluge of 'sky juice' - pure delicious rain throughout March. We welcomed the sun (when we saw it) and celebrated the longer days and milder temperatures....

...we have been able to do some bits and pieces of work between the showers..... the bathhouse roof is in progress of renovation, new trees planted and first volunteers arrived. 

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The poor weather conditions forced us indoors - Barbara began to work on the inside of the strawbale building ceiling.

I treated the wood and Barbara worked hard on screwing the planks into the insulation.


 The bathhouse had a guest - a hedgehog. Imagine our surprise to find this little chap hiding in the bath!

fire bath


We were really fortunate to find a load of roof tiles, this was a great gift - especially as the broom which was creating a protective covering for the roof was in need of replacing. 

The wind in the winter blew lots of broom off, revealing the black plastic beneath. 

Barbara worked on the days where there was sun - despite having a bandaged index finger on her right hand!

roof - half complete


Sharing our time is really important to the ethic of the Mount of Oaks. As such, we take part in weekly voluntary work at other people's farms when we have the opportunity. 


The other week it was a super experience at the farm of our friend Tyra. We pruned the vines. It was a beautiful social experience. This sharing of time and learning new skills is growing amongst us living nearby.



 Even the local police (GNR), who happened to be around, got involved. Here  is a picture of me getting a lesson from the local police commander. Apparently I was doing it 'right'.I am glad he was smiling while holding that handsaw!




Thanks to a donation from a dear friend Cathy we bought a few lovely trees - a bay tree, an almond, a climbing jasmine and a red flowering camellia. 

In an area next to the compost toilet brambles were cut back, the ground prepared and the almond and camellia planted.

first compost, then a layer of rotten broom followed by straw.


Beds were also prepared for the transplanting of tomatoes and peppers later in the spring.

Our neighbour Ned came on his wee tractor to help us - we had a patch of land that needed some work. There are many theories about dig/non-dig of the land. We had a patch of land that had been thick with brambles. 

Barbara strimmed the tops but the roots were still in the ground. With the help of Ned we transformed land that was rather useless into an area where we planted potatoes and will plant corn in later in April. 


seed potatoes ready for planting

Being from the north of Ireland, it is no surprise that I adore the humble potato. This year we decided to follow the neighbours and plant a good patch of potatoes. Dear Tia Adelina was delighted to see the potatoes.....

However she was rather scratching her head when she saw us mulch around the potatoes and then create a fence to protect them from the chickens....

6 lines of potatoes - the mulch we used was mimosa

the fence to prevent the chickens from 'playing around' is mimosa


Introducing Daffy and Sigurd who traveled from Denmark to help out for a few weeks.

Dafna preparing the mimosa for the fence she was weaving


Oscar enjoying the new view in the citrus grove

The way that Barbara designed the chicken house was so that it could move around the land - some here for more information on chicken tractors. Some people call these 'chicken tractors' - we prefer to see the house as a mobile home! The purpose of having a mobile house is so that the wee ones can scratch, forage and fertilise the soil as preparation for planting. 

Laurinha and Fleky


 the chickens are producing on average 4 eggs a day! Yummy!


 the season of hatching the eggs is coming soon and so Barbara built a new house for the brooding hen (Laurinha) and the eggs.


 One of our neighbours celebrated his birthday on 17th March. Thanks to friends Sarah and Seb the day was a super success - Lampeira had invited a group of us for lunch. Sarah organised a cake.

 The theme of the cake was the farmyard. It was very fitting for this wonderful man who keeps goats on his land!

love in action - the birthday boy sharing his cake with his wife.


following are a few snaps from the last weeks capturing the beauty of this time of year....


For all of those who celebrate Easter we wish you well in this season of growing light, hope and warmth. May you be blessed in being present, kind and gentle to your daily circumstances. 


motto for the month ahead....

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth."

In peace and love, 

emma and barbara

Mount of Oaks


The Winters said...

So wonderful to catch up with what you've been up to peeps. Top stuff. Keep posting. We love you. Andy and Vonny xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Baba said...

miss you muuuuuuuuuuuuuch !!!!

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I love that hedgehog!