Nov 8, 2010

Computer is broken...And olive harvest needs helpers

it s been few weeks now that i cant use my computer. only to connect my internet modem in order to use my phone for internet, as im doing now... :-)
My keyboard got few drops of rain and doesnt work anymore.but the rest is fine, fiiiiuu...but i can only use the mouse ...
Im using my phone now for access internet and check emails, so i just wanted to drop a line to let you know.
All my mail contacts are in my computer, so i ve been only replying to those who have been sending me emails recently.
I found a good deal for a MacBook pro and im gonna sell the one i have now, an. iBook g4 14", after replacng the keyboard(Just got a good deal yesterday)
So, i have lots of news... Good and not so good, but you ll have to wait till december when i get my "new" laptop.
If anyone would like to send a donation To help on the costs or buy my iBook g4, let me know.

And the OLIVE HARVEST is about to, no time for internet anyway:-)
If anyone would like to come And help from now till the end of the month, you are more than welcome...
I was going to start today, but the weather is pretty nasty... Soft rain, but really crazy wind:-/
ok , that s it

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