Jan 13, 2010

Weather conditions at the moment...

we had snow here... :-) ... check out for the pictures here ... and here if you wanna see the flood that came after the snow melted and the rain poured :-) ...
Oh my... what a wheather !!! Beautiful though...

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Magnus said...

Barbara! Followed your link through permaculture portugal to this blog. Good way to get to know you and your site better. Very different landscape and climate than up here in the drizzly North!
Many things in common we have.
I too have problems keeping up wiht a blog, and let many weeks pass before putting anything there!
I like you layout on blogspot: can i ask how do you make the posts short, then have that link that says "wanna know more click here". How do you do that !?

I thik you have a more dynamic community down there. Here is very traditional and conservative. Friendly and welcoming, but certainly no other permaculture or alternative design going on.

OK have a great day. Good luck with the rain!