Jan 8, 2009

Upcoming courses and events

Permaculture Design Course
We shall be holding a permaculture design course at the land from the 28th March - 5th April.
This is a 72 hour course, spread over 9 intensive days of practical experience and learning the principles, methods and applications of permaculture, sustainable land design and growing.

The course will be led by Lesley Martin a teacher with twenty years teaching experience.
The course will cost 150 euros including food. Believe me, it's a bargain compared to the usual costs of this course.

Accommodation is camping so bring a tent and your sleeping bag.

We will need your confirmation and a 50 euro deposit till the 1st of MARCH so that we can know the number of attendees and if it's viable to run the course.

We'll also need 3 or 4 volunteers to help with cooking :-). That would be great as we all here want to attend the course. That would be great !!!
We'd need your confirmation ahead of time too, till the 1st of MARCH. Thank you so much!!!

Please contact us for more information:
house phone: (00351) 275561057
mobile (Barbara) : (00351) 965429083

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Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I would love to attend this course and would like to pay a deposit. Could you please email me at goldenfiligree at yahoo dot co dot uk as I'd like to find out more...
All the best, Hannah